APPROVER is a fully automated security analysis and risk assessment platform for mobile apps that offers:

  • Fully Automated Analysis
  • Android and iOS Compatibility;
  • Static and Dynamic Analysis;
  • Fully integrable into DevOps pipelines;
  • Policies and Guidelines Adherence;
  • Risk Scoring;
  • Easy to Read, Integrated Reports;
  • Available as SaaS or On-Premises.

Static Analysis Security Testing (SAST)

APPROVER scans Android and iOS apps to check for vulnerability patterns, permissions misuses, malicious code, and hardcoded information. APPROVER directly checks the content of the app package without the need of the source code.

Dynamic Analysis Security Testing (DAST)

APPROVER runs your apps in a controlled environment to perform network analysis, check privacy leaks, perform file analysis, and monitor all API invocations.

Risk Analysis

The Risk Analysis provides an index related to the security risks associated with using the app. This index is expressed as a score between 0 and 10. The methodology of the risk calculation can be customized to reflect the aspects that the customer considers a priority.

Detailed Per-App Reports

Access to a detailed security report that contains all the security concerns of the mobile app.

APPROVER automatically generates fine-grained per-app security reports, available as a downloadable PDF, for offline consultation.