Mobile Application Security Assessments

Our team performs mobile application assessments for iOS and Android mobile platforms, using a three steps approach:

  • Client and server-side Secure Code Review. We analyze both the application and the back-end code.
  • Automatic and Manual Vulnerability Assessments. We inspect the app using our tool APPROVER and we extend the analysis with ad-hoc manual security controls.
  • Manual Application Penetration Test. We validate the vulnerabilities by exploiting them in a real-world environment to test their applicability and impact.

Our Methodology

Our Team has years of experience in Mobile Security Assessments activies. Our methodology is based on the OWASP Mobile Security Testing Guide and Mobile App Security Requirements and Verification.

For each assessment our team produce a detailed report for all security issues, a risk table and all possible mitigations. Moreover, our team supports the developers side-by-side in all process.