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One Size Does NOT Fit All

Mobile applications have different security requirements. In partcular mission-critical apps may handle sentitive corporata data, access health information of the users or handle financial services.

Premium Security Services

Talos embraces the highest security needs of customers by offering a fully customized and vertical analysis service for security-critical applications. Talos Security Analysts evaluate the security risks of apps through detailed and state-of-the-art security analysis, providing the customers with a turn-key service.

We Do not Improvise

Our analysis techniques, applied according to OSSTMM methodology, are extracted from the OWASP Mobile Application Verification Standard (MAVS) and the OWASP Mobile Testing Guide (MTG), ensuring that the procedure is complete and rigorous.

What do You Get

We provide you with enhanced and app-detailed security report with a comprehensive risk evaluation of the app, included with:

  • Risk Matrix
  • Vulnerability List
  • Remediation Plan
  • Attack Scenarios


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