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Python Version License

PAPIMonitor (Python API Monitor for Android apps) is a python tool based on Frida for monitoring user-select APIs during the app execution. The app should be installed within an emulator already connected through ADB to the pc host. The user can choose to monitor a predefined list of APIs divided into several categories (e.g., Device Data, Device Info, SMS) or a custom list of APIs passed through the command line to the script. The tool stores the invoked API, the parameters, the return value, and the line and file from where it was called.

Below is an example of output:

    "category": "Custom", 
    "class": "com.dave.popupre.MainActivity", 
    "method": "getText", 
    "args": [], 
    "calledFrom": "com.dave.popupre.MainActivity$1.onClick(MainActivity.java:26)", 
    "returnValue": "Hello Toast!", 
    "time": "03/09/2021, 14:43:06"

Warning with Google Emulator

    Google Emulator         Ubuntu         Windows         MacOS    
7.x x86
8.x x86
9.0 x86
10.0 x86
11.0 x86
12.0 x86

Frida seems broken on Android 11-12 (x86_64) (Google Emulatore).


General requirements:

sudo apt-get install libjpeg-dev zlib1g-dev

Installation with pyenv and virtualenv

pyenv install 3.8.0
pyenv virtualenv 3.8.0 papi-monitor
pyenv activate 3.8.0/envs/papi-monitor
pip3 install -r requirements

Installation with virtualenv

  • install virtualenv
sudo apt-get install python3-virtualenv
  • activate virtualenv
virtualenv env
source env/bin/activate
  • install requirements
pip install -r requirements

Post Installation

  • adb in path file
  • emulator/device already running and connect


Predefined Categories

  • Device Data
  • Device Info
  • SMS
  • System Manager
  • Base64 encode/decode
  • Dex Class Loader
  • Network
  • Crypto
  • Crypto - Hash
  • Binder
  • IPC
  • Database
  • SharedPreferences
  • WebView
  • Java Native Interface
  • Command
  • Process
  • FileSytem - Java

Frida Script

A lot of Frida Script for Android can be found here.

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