AppIoTTE: An Architecture for the Security Assessment of Mobile-IoT Ecosystems

Da Luca Verderame marzo 31, 2020

Current computing paradigm like Mobile, Fog, and Cloud Computing are becoming far more interconnected, thereby moving from single, isolated, paradigms to complex ecosystems built on a fruitful integration among several computing paradigms. From a security standpoint, this leads to a novel and unprecedented attack surface. To deal with such threats, applying state-of-the-art security analysis techniques on each paradigm can be insufficient. We claim that novel analysis methodologies able to systematically analyze the ecosystem as a whole must be put forward. To this aim, in this paper, we introduce the idea of AppIoTTE, a novel approach to the security testing of Mobile-IoT hybrid ecosystems, as well as some notes on its implementation working on Android (Mobile) and Android Things (IoT) applications.

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