Everything you need to secure your
Mobile Apps

APPROVER helps companies to evaluate the security of mobile apps effortlessly

Advanced Application Analysis

Automatically analyze applications with innovative and state-of-the art techniques, developed through years of expertise in mobile security.

APPROVER scans the Mobile application for over 60 different vulnerability patterns, looks for permissions misuses, identifies a wide variety of malicious code and automatically extracts and scrutinizes the content of the application package.

Policy & Guidelines Compliance

APPROVER discovers undesired, policy-violating patterns in the app code. Policies are totally flexible and can describe a wide variety of patterns, far beyond known, fixed vulnerabilities.

APPROVER checks expected security properties of the application, including policies that cover the main OWASP TOP 10 Mobile Security Risks for mobile apps.

Risk Scoring

APPROVER Risk Analysis Module provides a summary of the security risk associated with the use of the application. The result, provided as fast-to-read overall score from 0 to 10, immediately reflects possible security issues hidden in the mobile app.

Detailed Per-App Reports

Access to a detailed security report that contains all the security concerns of the Mobile application.

APPORVER automatically generates fine-grained per-app security reports, available as a downloadable PDF, for offline consultation.


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